Falcon Selftrack Caravan GPS Tracker

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Are you looking for a low cost solution & peace of mind for your Caravan / Motorhome?


The Falcon Selftrack Tracker is an easy to use, subscription free vehicle tracker with exceptionally low running cost tracking solution via your mobile phone.  Enabling pinpoint location on demand you can instantly determine the current location of your vehicle.  The running costs of this self monitored tracker are significantly cheaper than a tracker monitored by a subscription based provider, with only that of the text message (Approx 5p each).  All you need to do is keep the SIM card topped up.

Location on demand – To locate the position of your vehicle at any time simply send a text message from your phone to the tracker and it will text you back with its current position with a link for Google Maps for visual current positioning.  This also provides you with the ability to send the vehicles current location in the event of the loss of your vehicle and when reporting to the police to aid recovery.

Subscription free with exceptionally low running costs – Rather than pay a monitoring charge of £150 per year, the Falcon Selftrack only costs approx 5p per location request.  Upon installation of the tracker, a sim card is provided with £10 of credit included to get you started.

MCS will carry out a professional installation, test and show you how to use the GPS tracker. This is all included in the price and is available in Wiltshire, Somerset & Gloucestershire.

** It is recommended that a reminder is set on your phones calendar for once a month or another regular interval to send location request.   This gives you peace of mind that your tracker is active and also ensures that your sim card remains active also**