Powrtouch Freedom Motor Mover

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The powrtouch FREEDOM is an evolution of our original caravan mover but evolved to allow it to compete with the best. It’s designed to make moving your caravan precisely where you need as easy as possible. Designed and developed in the UK, the system makes extensive use of lightweight alloy materials.

  • The Original Powrtouch Freedom mover system is competitively priced and designed and manufactured to the highest standards.
  • Towrbar cross actuation system that allows BOTH rollers to be engaged or disengaged from EITHER side of the caravan.
  • Designed for maximum ground clearance.
  • Fluid movement control giving the ability to change direction without stopping.
  • Full soft start system giving MILLIMETRE by MILLIMETRE control.
  • Full DIY instructions available for supply only.
  • Low battery indication system (for both the handset and caravan battery).
  • Automatic shutdown after 20 minutes to prevent accidental battery drain if the Powrtouch is left switched on.
  • Instant stop the moment the handset buttons are released (for maximum safety).
  • National coverage of technicians to call upon anywhere in the UK should you encounter any issue with performance of your mover. At home or on holiday, Powrtouch remain the brand you can truly rely on.
  • MCS will install your Powrtouch Freedom at your house, site or storage.


Technical Data:

  • Operational voltage: 12VDC
  • Average current consumption: 20A
  • Maximum current consumption: 80A
  • Speed: 25cm/sec
  • Axles: Single
  • Weight: Approx. 35Kg
  • Permissible overall weight: 2500Kg
  • Permissible overall weight on a 25% gradient: 1500Kg
  • Power source: Caravan Leisure battery 12VDC / 85Ah
  • Warranty: Truma 5 year

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