MCS carry out the following services on your caravan to keep it in tip-top condition and to make your trips away as stress free as possible:


Full Service

Over 120 individual items are checked during a full service comprising of the checks from a chassis, habitation and damp service. It is recommended that a full service is carried out yearly if you tour with your caravan. A small example of these checks are listed below:

Single Axle: £225
Twin Axle: £265

Chassis Service

The chassis service includes the running gear but excludes the main body of the Caravan. If your caravan has had a habitation service and then later, you wish to tow it on the highway, then this service is recommended. This service includes:

Single Axle: £120
Twin Axle: £150

Habitation Service

The habitation service includes the main body of the Caravan or Motorhome but excludes the running gear. This service is suited to caravans sited on seasonal pitches and includes:

Caravan: £185
Motorhome: £185
Class A motorhome: From £200

Alde Fluid Change

MCS are Alde Service Partners and can replace your antifreeze with approved 5year antifreeze using Alde equipment.

If your current fluid is blue, then it will need replacing for the 5 year pink antifreeze or every 5 years for pink if already pink. When replacing the fluid, MCS will only use Alde approved 5 year antifreeze.

Changing the antifreeze in line with the Alde’s recommendation will prolong the life of your heating system. Not only does it protect against freezing, it also protects against corrosion and prevents the growth of bacteria.

Alde Fluid Change: From £215

Gas Safety Checks

Our gas safety check will concentrate on the gas system in your caravan starting at your gas bottle, regulator and pipework, appliance operation and safety, smoke and carbon monoxide finishing with CO check inside the caravan.

Once completed, a gas safety inspection report will be issued.

Damp Checks

Will be completed as a part of our full or habitation service but should also be carried out as soon as you suspect damp.


Call - Out for Repairs Service

Do not let an issue with your caravan or motorhome ruin your trip. MCS provide a call out service where we will visit your leisure vehicle to repair or make safe so you can continue with your trip. We are happy to provide estimates for repairs.

Call-out (including first 20 minutes): £60
Additional labor (charged in 15 minute increments): £50/hour


MCS supply and install leisure technology allowing you to maximise your stay away in your leisure vehicle.

Technology includes solar panels, 4G mobile broadband, motor movers, reversing cameras, satellite systems, leisure 12V televisions, trackers, etc.


Other services

Mobile Caravan Services provide additional service, as shown is the examples below:

Full and chassis service include one-shot nuts. Additional parts charged as extra.*